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IOC launched Multi-Function Regulator for LPG cylinders  

New look regulator for gas cylinders from IOC

A new look regulator for the LPG gas cylinder at home will soon make its way in to the kitchen, if you are a consumer of Indane gas of the IndianOil (IOC). Designed with several safety features, the IOC has launched a Multi-Function Regulator (MFR) to fit in to the existing cylinders. The new regulator has user-friendly features, increased safety and would be a value addition to Indane gas consumers, D. Murali, Senior Area Manager, IOC Area Office, Madurai, told The Hindu. "It will have a digital display of gas quantity available so that it will be known when the cylinder is nearing empty level. The indicator shows three levels- gas, low gas and refill," he said.

The Multi-Function Regulator, which was initially launched in Bangalore, would be available in Tamil Nadu within the next few weeks. It would combine both the existing safety features of the cylinder regulators and new ones. It is also equipped with an auto shut-off feature so that the cylinder gets automatically shut off whenever there is a gas leak. "If there is a digital display of the quantum of gas available, housewives would be happy and they will be prepared," Mr. Murali said.

Since gas cylinder mishaps because of children are being reported, the regulator was provided with child-lock facility. "I think our new LPG regulator will be a great hit due to its salient features and safety level at home will be increased," Mr. Murali said.

The Hindu, Madurai, July 26, 2010

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