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7 Reasons why green buildings' should get incentives  

1. Use of electricity  accounts for nearly 90% of the carbon footprint of a single structure.
2. With an estimated 10% increase in the built-up area of residential and commercial buildings every year, energy demand is also expected to increase multifold.

 3.Green buildings can help reduce electricity consumption.

4.Developers as well as end-consumer should be given incentives in the form of tax benefits to encourage green homes.

5. Although some banks have started looking at subsidising loan rates for green units, the benefit for a developer is yet to come. The country’s largest lender SBI offers 50 basis points interest discount to borrowers for green homes.

6. At present, the total area under green construction in the country stands at 406 million sq ft, and this is expected to reach about 6 billion sq ft in next five years.

7.A green building incorporates several features, such as effective use of existing landscapes and use of recycled building materials.


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