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Bio-diesel park at Bijapur  

Bio-diesel park at Bijapur

Monday, July 19, 2010

The bio-diesel plant has been inaugurated by the minister for large and medium industries Murugesh Nirani, which has been set up at the Karnataka State Women's University campus in Bijapur.The unit was set up by the Karnataka State Bio-Diesel Task Force and forest department. This unit will work as a bio-diesel production as well as information centre. In this unit, the research activities will be conducted in the future. At this unit, the varsity aims to conduct research on bio-diesel production as well as utilization issues. This centre will help in conducting higher research in this field, said Bali. Moreover, the unit will also work as bio-diesel production incubator in order to help the farmers who wish to take part in such activities, with proper information. This unit's waste matter will be utilised as wormy compost and organic farming

Source HPCL

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