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World’s first 100% synthetic coal-to-liquid (CTL) jet fuel  

SASOL launches world’s first synthetic CTL jet fuel

Thursday, September 23, 2010

SASOL launched the world’s first 100% synthetic coal-to-liquid (CTL) jet fuel on the market at the Africa Aerospace and Defence Show at Ysterplaat Air Force Base, near Cape Town. Synthetic fuels or biofuels developed in previous years were blended with conventional crude fuel or used only in one engine. SASOL achieved a milestone by using a fully synthetic fuel on a commercial flight. The company has no plans c currently to make the fuel commercially available. However, with the airline industry pledging to achieve carbon neutral growth from 2020 and reduce emissions 50% by 2050, there is a huge interest in the product from international airlines. According to Willem Louw, MD of Sasol Technology, the jet fuel does not provide lower CO2 emissions of the efficiency sought by the airline industry. However, he added that it was a cleaner burning fuel and placed less stress on engine components. Paul Morgan, manager of fuel technology at Sasol, says -"Sasol, together with researchers at Rhodes University, is looking at developing an algae

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