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Owners of petrol pumps to go on strike from September 20  

NEW DELHI: Owners of about 38,700 petrol pumps across the country have decided to stick to their plan to down shutters indefinitely from September 20 despite the government increasing their commission.

Federation of All India Petroleum Dealers on Wednesday decided that the government's announcement on Tuesday to raise their commission was "routine" and did not fulfil their main demand.

The federation, which is the apex body of petrol pump owners, is demanding that their commission be set as a percentage of selling price of petrol and diesel. At present, they get a fixed amount on sale of each litre of motor fuels.

The federation is arguing that now that the government has deregulated motor fuel prices, state-run oil companies will start revising prices every fortnight or every month.

This will mean losses for pump owners who, the federation says, will lose money on existing stocks if prices go down. It says unlike cooking gas dealers, petrol pump owners suffer losses on account of evaporation of fuels and shrinkage in volume due to changes in temperature.

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