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Wipro launches LED rechargeable lanterns  

Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting, the FMCG arm of Wipro Ltd has launched LED rechargeable lanterns. The lanterns are available in three configurations- Solar, Rechargeable and Dry cell.

Mr. Vineet Agrawal, President, Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting said, “LED’s are the future of lighting. Given the current power scenario in India these LED rechargeable lanterns would be a great boon for consumers and would be an ideal replacement for kerosene lamps and petromax lanterns. LED’s help consumers reap the dual benefits of energy efficiency as well as being environmentally friendly”

Mr. Sanjay Gupta Vice-President-Sales, Wipro Lighting said, “We would initially launch these lanterns in south India, U.P and Punjab. Our products use the latest LED technology and have been designed to suit the Indian conditions. The low power consumption of LED ensures that our lanterns give a backup of up to 25 hours once fully charged rural areas where there is huge power cuts would be the thrust market for us. ”

The lanterns can be used as a torch as well as for general area lighting. With large parts of the country facing power cuts, LED’s are the ideal light source as they consume very little power. They are also environmentally friendly as they do not contain any mercury and last up to 30000 hours.

Attractively priced between Rs 600-Rs 2200, a wide range of lanterns is available to suit the requirements of different types of consumers

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