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School to set up solar panels  

The state of Arizona has offered a grant to the Mohawk Valley School to develop shade structures using the solar energy panels. The Mohawk Valley School is also capable of receiving lot of sunshine which will help them to have long-term energy savings. This plan will also help the school to spend money even on other school programs. Doug Rutan, the Mohawk Valley Elementary School District superintendent said they are very much pleased as well as honored to be chosen for the grant.Doug Rutan also added the reduced risk of the solar electric power project will be able to pay itself during the first 3-5 years and the monthly savings will stay within maintenance as well as the operations budget which will allow educational support, supplies, program and salaries. The PV system with a capacity of 30kW has been planned to set up in between the library and baseball field which will also help the people enjoying the game to sit under the shade said Doug Rutan.


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