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RV Parks charging station grows  

According to National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds there is an increasing trend for the RV parks to provide their present 50-amp, 240-volt AC outlets which could be the convenient fast plug-in points for the electric vehicle. About half dozen campgrounds have been set up at the Maryland area which is just outside the Washington D.C and about one in the Northern California and this is what any campground could do with this common type of outlet.The prices of the plug-in have been revealed to be $8.50 to $10 for a period of 4-hour and it is something which is more than what actual utility cost is. The questionable value is mainly for the Chevy Volt, which has a possibility of running on the gas when needed. A Volt owner in GM-Volt forum had mentioned that it would be about $8.50 for energy which is similar to a gallon of gas in the Volt.


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