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New Toyota RAV4 EV revealed  

Toyota RAV4 EV is a sport utility vehicle along which has an electric inclination that is not new, however the Phase Zero prototype has been taken used for a test drive by someone else and not from Toyota. The electric cars have entering into all kinds of forms which includes sensible compact hatchbacks to the complete sports cars.It is capable of travelling from 0-60mph time in about 9 seconds along with a 37 kWh battery pack which is more supportive for about 100 miles in the real world driving. This is the best and most impressive features along with the size and weight of this car. The reviewer was very much exited after having a test drive with the high level of regenerative braking and he had let off the go-pedal when he was traveling at about 40 mph or more and there is a possibility of pulling you back to about 5 mph within a matter of second.


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