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BPCL automated many retail outlets  

In a bid to prevent the adulteration of petrol and to ensure that customers get a better deal, the Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd (BPCL) has automated a number of its retail outlets and is planning to provide the enhanced customer services at all its 81 retail outlets in Pune in the next few years.
Addressing a press conference here, K H Subramanian, general manager, retail, western region, BPCL, said that the outlets which sell more than 200 kilo litre of petrol and diesel each month have been identified for the automation.

He said that as of now 67 retail outlets from a total of 81 have been automated and by the end of this year BPCL has plans to carry out the automation of 7 more outlet. The complete automation of the outlets is being planned by next few years.

He also added that these retail outlets are operating on 24-hour basis and the vehicles which supply the fuel at these outlets are fitted with the devices which help in tracking their movement to ensure that the petrol and diesel was not pilfered.

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