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Petrol Price Hike in Bhutan  

The price of petrol has increased by as much as Nu. three a litre. The price hike, the third this year, came into effect this afternoon.

A litre of petrol now costs Nu. 60.4, an increase of Nu. 2.80.
As on date 1 NU (Bhutanese currency called   ) is equal to 1 Indian Rupee.

Commuters who had come to fuel their cars at the fuel depots today were not amused. They said with the fuel price increasing every now and then, it would be difficult to make ends meet.

The hike will hit the taxi drivers the most. They said without increasing the fare, which is decided by the road safety and transport authority, they will not be able to support their families. A few said they may have to consider selling their taxis, their only means of sustenance.

The increase was caused by a similar increase in India from where Bhutan imports all its fuel. The increase in India was caused by the fall in value of rupee against dollar.

The price of diesel, cooking gas, and kerosene has remained unaffected for now.

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