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Nepal hikes petrol price  

Fuel prices raised in Nepal

Kathmandu, Mar 13 (PTI) Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) today hiked the prices of petroleum products due to rise in international prices.

The state-owned company has increased the prices of petrol, domestic aviation fuel and international aviation fuel by Rs nine per litre, Rs 10 per litre and USD 130 per 1000 litres respectively.

With this increment by the NOC, which has monopoly to sell petroleum products imported from India, the price of petrol has touched Rs 97 and and the price of international aviation fuel has reached USD 1075 per 1000 litres.

However, there are no changes in the prices of kerosene and diesel.

"The prices of the petroleum products have been hiked due to rise in prices in the international market triggered by the Libya unrest," NOC spokesman Muknda Dhungel said.

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