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India’s Most Valuable Brands in 2010  

IndianOil: One of ‘India’s Most Valuable Brands 2010’

An iconic, heritage and much-loved brand in the country, IndianOil has once again been recognized as one of the TOP 5 of India’s most valuable corporate brands.

In a detailed study conducted by Economic Times in association with Brand Finance, ‘India’s Most Valuable Brands 2010’, IndianOil was ranked 5th with a current value of $ 4,304 million. Besides IndianOil, other corporates in the top 5 list include Tata Motors (1), RIL (2), SBI (3) and TCS (4).

Brand Finance is the world’s leading brand valuation consultancy, which provides consultancy on the ways and means to maximise brand value for the benefit of a company. During the study ‘India’s Most Valuable Brands 2010’, only firms listed on BSE were taken into account. Besides, firms comprising a number of stand-alone brands were eliminated. In order to ascertain the five years of historic revenues and current market value of the firms, Bloomberg and other publicly-available sources were considered, wherein public data encompassing broker reports, annual reports and market research were used. Brand Finance uses the ‘Relief from Royalty’ — a simple approach that assumes that a company does not own its own brand and calculates how much it would need to pay to license it from a third party. The present value of that stream of (hypothetical) royalty payments represents the value of the brand.

Brand Finance started its annual report on the world’s most valuable brands in 2006 and has valued leading global brands like Wal Mart, Coca-Cola, IBM, Microsoft and Google to name few among the list of 500. This interpretation is not only directed towards highlighting the country’s most powerful brands, but also at initiating a discussion on what is exactly valuable for Indian firms.

(Source: The Economic Times), New Delhi, October 25, 2010

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