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Travelling the world in a truck run on waste oil or bio-diesel  

Andy Pag is a globetrotter with a difference. An engineer by profession but an environmentalist by passion, Pag — now in the city — has been travelling the world in a truck that runs on waste oil or bio-diesel.

“I am undertaking this journey to highlight the importance of reducing our carbon footprint and using waste in a beneficial manner,” said Pag, who converted a bus deserted in a waste dump into the vehicle that is taking him across the globe.

The man in his late-30s started the tour in London in September. He travelled through Europe and reached India via Afghanistan and Pakistan. “I have been using whatever oil I could get — from oil used in restaurants to bio-diesel. Here, the Emami group of companies has given me around 1,250 litres of biodiesel, which will be adequate for my truck to reach Australia,” said Pag.

“We decided to support the expedition after Pag appealed to us as it is a great way of showcasing biodiesel, which is in its infancy,” said Aditya Agarwal, the director of the Emami group.

Pag is in no rush to complete the tour. “Apart from highlighting green issues, I want to take a close look at the culture and the people,” said the globetrotter, who has been in India for nearly six months.

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