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China's third largest solar panel manufacturer intends to enter the Indian solar energy market  

Chinese co Trina eyes Indian solar energy market

M Ramesh

Chennai, June 21

Changzhou Trina Solar Energy Company, a Chinese company listed on the New York Stock Exchange, intends to enter the Indian solar energy market. Business Line learns that Trina has signed an agreement with Chennai-based GEMAC Energy Ltd for entry into the Indian market.

Trina Solar Ltd operates as an integrated solar-power products manufacturer in China. The company integrates the manufacture of monocrystalline ingots, wafers and solar cells for use in its solar module production.

Trina is said to be China's third and the world's eighth largest solar panel manufacturer. Last year, it shipped solar panels worth 800 MW, nearly double that of the previous year.

The agreement with GEMAC gives the Indian company rights to market, execute and carry out maintenance of solar power projects in India, both grid-connected and off-grid.

The company would be interested in looking at ‘building integrated photovoltaic' projects, where the solar panels are fixed to the outer walls of the building, generating enough electricity for the building's needs.

Trina specialises in this line of business.

The company has designs that fit in with the buildings, so that the panels enhance the aesthetics of the construction. Software parks are a potential market for this business.

GEMAC officials did not want to comment on the tie-up with Trina. However, the company had earlier told journalists of its desire to get into the non-conventional energy business, mainly solar and wind projects.

The officials instead said that GEMAC had finalised plans to implement a 30 MW wind farm for which it had leased 600 acres of land in Tirunelveli district in southern Tamil Nadu.

The company is looking for a partner for this project.


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