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INDIANOIL launched Multi-Function Pressure Regulator (MFR) in Pune  

A multi functional Domestic Pressure Regulator (DPR) of 25.6 mm size has been developed and has been tested by an International Certifying agency M/s TUV in line with the requirements of IS: 9798. In addition to the features of IS 9798 the DPR also has following additional safety features:

•100 % Excess Flow Shut off Feature: This feature is useful for preventing LPG leak in case of failure of connecting tube. The excess flow valve is designed to completely shut off flow of LPG in case of tube failure.

•Child lock Mechanism: A child lock feature has been provided on the DPR, which restricts the knob movement towards ON position.

•Leak Detection Mechanism: It is possible to detect leak in the tube by using this DPR.

•Low Level Indicator: The DPR has an analog display and an alarm system also which helps the housewife to determine the quantity of LPG in a cylinder.

CCOE has given in principle approval and no objection to the use of above DPR on trial basis.

The multifunctional DPR is coming in two models – (a) MFR with analog display and (b) MFR with Electronic display.

IOCL is planning to launch MFR in selected distributors of Mumbai,  Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Delhi.

Type of MFR Security Deposit (in Rs)

Electronic 600 /-

Analogue 400 /-

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